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Suitable for 4" x 6" photo, Captions read: 'Welcome to the World Little One', Made from resin, Presented in a branded gift box

Kids Fashion Trends for Autumn/Winter 2020

Fashion trends change from season to season as designers come up with latest styles and fabrics to ensure their designs are stunning and to have an edge over other competitors. Like adult fashion, the kid's fashion scene is also evolving continuously as designers try to incorporate trendy designs and new fabrics to come up with adorable yet stylish outfits.


If you are a parent of a stylish toddler or two, you might be itching to dress them in fashionable Babies clothing. You can shop for cute clothing either at popular retail stores or even shop from the comfort of your home at the many different online stores.

Here the most popular trends for kids clothing this year:

  • Pink tones: Pink is a colour that is very soft and easy on the eye. Although pink is often thought of a girly or feminine colour, it can easily be worn by young boys and look perfectly normal. For little girls, opt for beautiful flowy dresses and skirts and pair them with comfortable jackets for the ideal winter look. For boys, opt for pink collared shirts paired with denim jeans and jacket.
  • Ruffles are back: Ruffles are a great addition to a girl’s dress or piece of clothing. They are an accessory often found in girls clothing but designers are taking risks and incorporating them into other items of clothing like pants, knitwear and more.
  • Organic Fabrics: With there being increasing awareness about the effects of climate change and how our everyday life impacts the planet we live in, designers have taken a more environmentally conscious approach and started using materials that are kinder for the earth. Think soft breathable fabrics in muted colours that can be paired with more flashy pieces to make up a complete outfit.
  • Knitwear Rules: You can’t have a list of autumn/ winter trends and not have knitwear. Knitwear, especially grandpa style sweaters have become more common in kids’ fashion. Think chunky sweaters your grandpa used to wear on your little one. Noting cuter right? Designers have incorporated clever patterns like florals, prints, stripes and paired them with bold colours like burgundy, mustard and bottle green to come up with interesting knitwear combinations that your tiny tot will look adorable in.
  • Collar Designs: Collars are a great addition to almost all clothing. Tops, blouses, tees, jackets or sweaters. Collars give the whole look a very polished and complete feel and collars on kids clothing only add a bit of cuteness as little ones try to look grown up.

Just like the adult fashion scene, there is continuous change and development when it comes to childrens clothing. There is a wide range of new styles, designs and prints all available for the fashion-conscious little child to dress up in.

Dressing up is a great way for young children to improve their confidence, learn essential motor skills and is a good way to express themselves. As a parent of a young child, it is your responsibility to encourage and help your child as they learn this essential skill.

You can shop for Babies clothing from both retail and online stores. There are many great online retailers where you can shop from. Wholesale Clothing is one such online store where you can get cheap Babies clothing at wholesale prices to customers Australia wide. You can find other retailers that specialize in many other products at great prices.

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