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Minoti Girls Unicorn Pinched Blush AOP Polyester Dressing Gown with Hood, Tie-up Belt and Pockets #SNUGGLE3


Sizes: 1 - 10

Is being fashionable important for kids?

A few years ago, fashion trends and designer clothing were limited to adults, mainly women. However fast forward to 2019 and designers have really expanded their reach and are now designing stunning pieces for kids, toddlers and even babies. Whilst it may seem foolish to spend hundreds of dollars buying pieces that your tiny tot will only use for a short time, dressing up your child and encouraging their own sense of style is not.


With the advancement of technology and internet, it has become easier than ever to get your hands on everything from groceries to beauty products to kids clothing online. Fashion is the term used to describe the latest style of clothing, hair or beauty products and kids’ fashion is currently big around industry circles.

Having an understanding of fashion and style is a form of self-expression. As kids grow, they learn and mature as they come to understand various concepts about themselves, about their parents and the environment and people around them. This helps them to grow into responsible and mindful adults. Being able to express one’s self is an important trait that parents must encourage in their kids and the earlier you begin, the stronger their grasp of emotions and self-expression will be. There are many ways to express one’s self. It can be done through speech, writing or even by dressing up.

Here are some reasons why having a good sense of fashion and style is important for kids:

  • Boosts confidence: When you let your kid choose the kind of clothes, he or she wants to wear, it boosts their confidence. Kids yearn to be able to do things themselves so they can feel grown up so you as the parent should encourage this where possible.
  • Let’s them flaunt their individual personality: Whether it be casual wear for boys or fashion dresses, what they wear makes them stand out.
  • Helps them build their style statement: If you start dressing them at a young age, gradually their choices will shape their fashion quotient as an adult. As they get older, they can differentiate between what looks good on them and choose their own outfits. By the time they are adults, they will have developed their individual sense of style and wear what they think suits best.
  • Curbs the societal pressure:  When you are part of a society, it is important to maintain a certain sense of style and dressing. You and your child cannot simply go about wearing anything that comes to your mind. It’s important to understand basic style concepts and wear clothing that makes you look presentable and which is socially acceptable. You can either shop at your favourite retail stores or easily find affordable kids clothing online.

There are many places to shop for affordable and cute looking kids clothing. You can visit hundreds of retail stores or even shop online from the convenience of your own bedroom at the best online stores available. Wholesale Clothing is one such online store providing kids clothing online at wholesale prices to customers Australia wide. You can find other retailers that specialize in many other products at great prices.

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