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Teaching your kids on how to get dressed

In the morning rush to get to work or school on time, you often get dressed in five or ten minutes and find that your little one is still struggling to put on his pants or her dress. In that moment, you might wish that you got them dressed yourself but don’t let it become a habit. Take some extra time everyday to teach your child about dressing themselves. It is not only a useful habit but will also help them to become more confident as they are able to complete everyday tasks themselves.


Like everything else, dressing one up doesn’t come overnight and requires a lot of patience and practice both on the parents and child’s part. When you little one was a newborn and had less motor skills to be able to move around, you were doing everything for them but as they grow, they need to be taught how to do things themselves so they improve and learn with age.

Here are some benefits of teaching kids to dress themselves:

  • Your child improves his or her fine and gross motor skills as she uses her hands and feet to cloth herself.
  • Her memory and cognitive skills improve as with practice she learns the order in which to dress herself.
  • Her word bank and knowledge increase as she learns the names, clothes and types of clothing.
  • She becomes aware of time and the changes around her as she learns to dress for different weather and occasions.

You can start by getting cheap childrens clothing that is both easy to manoeuvre and affordable to help your little one get used to dressing themselves up.

The Basics:

In order to ensure you and your child make the best use of your time together and achieve your goal, ensure your plan well and get some basics right.

  • Choosing appropriate clothing for the weather. A strappy maxi might not be work if its cold and chilly outside.
  • Deciding on the clothing they want. You could include your child in this decision. Give them a limited number of clothes and help them choose from that.
  • Keep their clothing simple and avoid anything with frills buttons or tough openings. Ensure their clothes fit well and are made of soft breathable fabric.
  • Practice putting on and taking off clothes the night before if you find yourself rushed during the day.
  • Start by putting on and taking on things like socks, shoes and pants. Slowly move on to help your child put their tops, tees and dresses. This will make the experience more enjoyable and help your child learn at their own pace.
  • As each child is different, they will learn according to their age and skill level. Start slow and work your way towards dressing themselves completely.
  • Don’t try to rush your child and allow for plenty of time to ensure they get dressed properly. Having a positive attitude and cheering them as they achieve something is great way to go. Get excited when they put their socks or shoes on by themselves or give them a thumbs up if they manage to remove their pants or underwear.


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By following the above steps and tips, you and your child will be able to achiever your goal much more easily. Remember to be patient, encouraging and positive so you both enjoy the experience.

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